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Our Services

We offer a range of professional building services with expertise in both Modern construction methods as well as traditional ones.

We have knowledge and expertise in traditional materials as well as more eco friendly products which we try to use if and where possible.

Insulated Timber Buildings

From garden offices, studios and summer houses through to timber framed extensions and homes.

Prices From £1,560 per square metre.

Pricing and Tender Service

On top of our structural design service, or from another providers drawings we can calculate an 'estimated full build cost' for your project.

Once this is completed, we can offer our own services to complete the project and/or put the project out to tender on our clients behalf.

Building Conversions

From loft conversions to areas such as barn conversions, chapel/church conversions and so on.  We can offer the expertise in all these areas.


From initial concepts to the full planning/design and building works of the project.

Glamping Pods

We can design, produce and erect clamping pods to suit a clients requirements.


From first fix such as shuttering and roofing through to 2nd fix such as fitting architrave, we have tradespeople with the skills to carry out any carpentry jobs big or small.

Structural Design Service

Here at BTS we specialise in Bespoke design of timber frame buildings to meet our clients needs.

We offer professionally designed architectural drawings for your project.  This can include 3D rendered digital models to give our clients an accurate representation of a proposed projects appearance, scale and proportions.

Restoration/Renovation Services

With our qualified and experience tradespeople, we can offer specialized services to repair, restore, renovate or remake any aspect of a building.

Project Management

We can offer project management to cover any or all stages of a build depending on our clients requirements/involvement.


We can offer a full range of expertly made Joinery and furniture items including; doors,windows, staircases, built in cupboards and so on.

Temporary living spaces

We can produce as well as up cycle temporary movable structures into unique, comfortable living spaces.  from shepherd huts to storage containers, we can do it.

What Our Clients Say


Mr S Holland

GREAT WORK EXPERTLY DONE I've had a few things done now using this company and I have to say it's the best work by a joiner I have ever seen.....I would highly recommend!

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