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Our Construction Services

Full Bespoke Design Service

Although we do offer some pre-defined plans, we are able to offer a full design service to meet our clients requirements, the only limit is their imagination.

What is our focus?

We specialise primarily  in modern timber framed buildings, and aim to utilize the latest proven technologies in order to achieve our structures.  We strive to achieve buildings that are not just economical to build, run and maintain, but also do not look out of place in there proposed location. 

During the process of construction and the lifetime of the structure, we aim for it to have minimal impact on the environment, particularly its local environment and  where possible, we actually aim to enhance it within our designs.

Traditional Methods

We of course are able to supply, design and build solutions that utilize a mix of both modern & traditional construction methods, as well as combinations of materials to suit.  Some traditional methods after all are still effective.

Our Prices

  • A full building design Service starts from £35 per m2 (which equates to around £3200 for an average 3 bedroom home design).  The price depends from project to project so for more details, please enquire.

  • A full estimating/takeoff service can be provided if full and detailed plans and material specifications are available by us or from an architect/structural engineer.  This service can vary considerably from a number of factors but as a rough guide, an average 3 bed family home would cost from £2,700 to £4,200 to source best material prices, suppliers contractors and so on in order to get a more accurate estimate of your finished build cost.

  • End value Estimation service -  This service can be provided prior to a build if we have provide a build cost estimate:  This service starts at £250.

  • Our supply Service - We can only offer this service If we have have been supplied with a full specification takeoff estimate by ourselves or another provider or by direct involvement and requests from the project manager (if not us).  We charge 20% commission on top of all materials sourced, provided by/ordered via us.  Contact us for More details.

  • Semi - project managed build - This option is the same as our supply only with regards to ordering and managing material orders but will also include us taking on some of the site management roles such as Risk Assessments, managing health and safety, keeping the site secure, planning and liaising with contractors and so on.  There is no fixed price per project as it depends on how much responsibility you as the client wishes to take on yourself.  An Allowance of £275 per day should be considered for every day a site manager is working.  The total estimated cost of build should be considered here as this may require deducting or adjusting to suit.

  • Fully project managed build - We take on the full responsibilities of setting up a safe and secure site.  We manage all services, deliveries, quality control etc.  This service is £9,900 per calendar month.   Again, you should consider your total build estimate here and adjust accordingly

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