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Rtf Rasel
Jan 20, 2022
In General Building
The rule of handling email is the Company Email List same as handling paper correspondence. Only handle it once. When you've read it, decide at that point to delete it, answer it, or file it for later action. Don't let you Company Email List inbox grow to 1000 or more messages--that becomes incredibly overwhelming and drains too much energy from you every day. I receive roughly about 600 pieces of email a day, so if I didn't do something Company Email List to manage it properly, I'd be drowning in email. Control your urge to check Company Email List your email all of the time. I have my email program set to check email every 4 hours, which is twice a day for my workday, rather than having the program check it automatically Company Email List during the day. I know that many of my clients will procrastinate on what they need to do by deciding to read their email rather than to do the pressing items on their to do lists. Limiting your ability to read your Company Email List will result in getting productivity--I guarantee it! Set up filters Company Email List (in Eudora) or rules (in Outlook) to automatically shuffle email into appropriate folders. I have numerous mailboxes set up in Eudora to house all of the posts of the discussion lists I Company Email List belong to or newsletters I receive or daily correspondence that I get from clients. In many cases, I have sub-mailboxes set up under my primary mailboxes to further categorize the email that I receive. I've set these mailboxes Company Email List up over time, and in many cases at the point where the email arrives in my inbox Company Email List It may take you 30 or so days to set up filters or rules for your email, but the effort will be very worthwhile.
Rtf Rasel

Rtf Rasel

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